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I flere år har jeg jobbet som hudterapeut med fagbrev. Jeg har gått på høyere utdanning på kosmetiske tjenester og jeg har fått teknisk utdanning. For å forbedre mine ferdighetene ble jeg fardig med ett år massasje skole og fått tittel faglært massasjeterapeut. Jeg er ferdig med kurs i fotpleie, hudpleie, kosmetologii, skjønnhetspleie og avslapende, stimulerende massasje, limfedrenasje, jeg er også ferdig med kurs får å brukte kosmetiske enheter i kosmetologii. Hvert år forbedrer jeg mine ferdigheter og introduserer nye produkter som er på markedet. I mitt tilbud har jeg mange skjønnhetspleiebehandlinger som hjelper på riktig måte. Passe på skjønnhet velvære. Tilbudene er både til Dame og Herrer som trenger profesjonelle hjelp. Jeg har tilby både tradisjonell og moderne behandlinger i ansikt og kropp pleie.Til dette behandlinger bruker jeg høy kvalitet moderne utstyr og høy kvalitets varer.


Our skin changes with time. It is affected by, among others age, diet, seasons or lifestyle. It is not always easy to know what we need or what kind of skin type we have. Therefore makes our skin care therapist for a customized treatment depending on your skin type and desire. I use products from proven and reliable companies such KLAPP COSMETICS NORWAY, BIELENDA, FARMONA,JEAN DESTREES


A facial that leaves skin soft and fresh. Treatment consists of cleansing, exfoliating, light facial massage, serum and a special mask tailored to your needs. Recommended for all skin types.


A facial consisting of cleansing, peeling f.eksemp. (Mikrodermabrasion or mandelic acid) cleanse, steam, extractions, deep cleansing ampoule, D`arsonval, serum and soothing algae based maske. Den total treatment specifically tailored skin teenage with acne, or to those who want focus on extractions without drying out the skin. Suitable for you with black dots you want to clean up and remove impurities.


to customers who have Problems related with acne on the back fits Jessner peel. The treatment consists of cleansing, peeling f.eksemp ( Mikrodermabrasion or mandelic acid ) cleanse, steam, extractions,deep cleansing ampoule, D`arsonval, serum and soothing algae based mask.


Jessner peel solution is an alcohol containing salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. Peeling has bactericidal activity and strong peeling, and so while cleansing, anti-acne, anti-aging and regenerative.


Allows you to perform peeling (grinding) of skin through mechanical removal of the dead cells, thereby reducing the thickness of this. Regular exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and help the production of new collagen and elastin.Denne treatment is also recommended as an effective enhanced acid treatments.


Cavitation is a painless skin treatment using ultrasonic vibration, allowing for precise removal of excess sebum from the pores, removal of dead skin cells, and bacteria. The treatment is especially recommended for sensitive, delicate, thin skin, prone to irritation and dilated capillaries, pre - makeup treatment


Sonophoresis treatment allows penetration into the skin, not only tend to means but also an appropriate medicinal compounds that act on the narrow blood vessels, reducing erythema and accelerate the acne and the other being made. Ultrasound is also indicated for the treatment of dry skin, peeling insufficient oxygen, flabby, dull, with symptoms of fatigue and the first wrinkles. This treatment is intended for all skin types. Smoothing and moisturizing effect.


head or heat cold. Head heating used preoperatively to vasodilatation and rapid absorption of nutrients. After treatment - head cold relieves tips nerve irritation and redness of the skin and closes pores.


This type of therapy can be called photorejuvenation for new opportunities skin terapi. For every skin problems selected other treatments color. The energy generated in photon therapy does not generate heat, and the method is non-invasive treatment is completely painless, fast and easy to make, and very pleasant for patients. Phototherapy treatment consists in the use of light with a low frequency, which stimulates the biological activity of cells. The electric energy supplied to the unit is converted to electromagnetic energy and liberated in the form of photons.


The treatment of mesotherapy increases six times the skins ability to absorb nutrients. Choose among anty-age cocktail hydro-cocktail or vitamin bomb mesotherapy indications: acne scars, operational scars, stretch marks, smoothing of wrinkles, cellulite, reducing body fat, dry skin, skin from signs of aging, wrinkles, hair loss.


Professional Microneedle is a very effective treatment for anti-aging and to reduce scars, skin damage, wrinkles also cellulite and hair loss in men and women. Professional micro needling is more effective than many mechanical treatments such as laser grinding of the skin, dermabrasion and chemical peels. Micro Needling is as effective as CO2 laser, IPL and Fraxel to stimulate collagen and elastin. Micro Needling deface wrinkles and smoothing scars.


Massage acts on the nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymphatic system resulting in better oxygenation of the body. Massage can have regenerative effect on tired muscles and improve the skin condition. Massage slimming + treatment with special bandages moistened with stimulants to reduce excess kroppsfett. For optimal effect ie a smooth skin without cellulite, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 14-21 days.


The name "Biolifting" comes from the name of the special equipment, such as beautician uses to our skin. The modern method of non-surgical face lift and neck done using probes emitting low power. Weak power stimulate regeneration processes in cells, stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration processes fiber.The treatment is painless and pleasant.


Pedicure without Shelac - aromatic foot bath with peeling, cutting nails with the sander, remove cuticles and calluses with scalpel, nail polish, cream at the end of treatment.
Pedicure with Shellac - aromatic foot bath with peeling, cutting nails with the sander, remove cuticles and calluses with scalpel, nail polish, shellac, foot massage, cream at the end.


Treatment includes spesjelt powder massaging into the nail plate. As part of these preparations, vitamins A + E, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Sea of Japan. Manicure strengthens the natural nail, gives a beautiful shine, seal plate. Japanese manicure is especially recommended for brittle nails. Recommended twice a month.


A completely different treatment from former rocker permanently. Overhead Lift is designed to beautify the natural lashes. After treatment lashes are curled. This gives the illusion of longer and thicker lashes. The treatment takes between 45 and 1 hour and lasts up to 6 weeks. The treatment ends with dyeing eyelashes. The sensible alternative to lash extensions!


Perfect makeup for the big day included trial session. After many months of preparation and planning approaching the big day, and this day you shall beam. All the details that will accentuate your natural beauty. Let me prepare your skin and give you the perfect makeup.

Så utrolig fornøyd med mine nye nailer! Utrolig flink, nøye og kunnskapsrik. Anbefales på det sterkeste. Ennå en gang tusen takk :)

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